Ethical Jewellery

Like other industries, the jewellery trade is becoming increasingly environmentally and socially conscious. For example, since 2003, only diamonds that conform to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) have been traded to prevent ‘conflict diamonds ‘ from entering the market. 

Erica sources diamonds from the DeBeers mines which are guaranteed conflict free and she is also a registered supplier for Canada Mark diamonds. 

In 2011, Fairtrade certification was extended to precious metals and Erica was one of the first jewellers to be granted a licence to trade in fairtrade gold and silver.

Pioneering ethical jewellery production, Erica is also exploring ways to bring new options in other high quality materials to her customers. 

The gemstones that she uses come from trusted suppliers, who source only from environmentally, and ethically sound operations. Erica also recycles gold and other precious metals regularly in her work. Damaged or worn gemstones and diamonds can be given a new lease of life by recutting and polishing.